Welcome to the HALIEN Virtual Tour of Dartmouth

This site presents a virtual tour of Dartmouth, Devon, incorporating nearly 70 digital photographs taken from 9 viewing spots along the River Dart waterfront and inner harbour of Dartmouth.

From any selected spot within the tour the current view is shown as a central (640 by 480 pixel) main image. To the left of the main image is a column of 'thumbnail' (64 by 48 pixel) images showing all the views from this spot. To the right of the main image is another column of thumbnail images, each showing a view from an adjacent spot.

Click near the left, right or bottom edges of the main image to turn left, right or reverse direction.
Click near the top edge of the main image to move along the tour in that direction.
Click on a thumbnail in the left column to look at that view from this spot.
Click on a thumbnail in the right column to move to that spot.

Spot 'Map' and 'Help' buttons are at the lower left of the screen.

Select a list of all the spots on this tour, or choose one of the spots below ...

Inner Harbour
River Dart Waterfront